Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Improve the quality of your life
improving the quality of your drinking water.

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The MTS Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System economically combines the best of water conditioning and purifying technologies to provide purer, clearer, fresher tasting water.  Water that's good for you...that could favorably impact the quality of your life.

Today, Reverse Osmosis is regarded the world over as the most efficient method of cleaning water.   The MTS R.O. System combines membrane technology with various filter media to successfully remove as much as 98% of all dissolved solids and virtually 100% of all organic compounds to provide water that is ideal for many uses where bottled or distilled water is normally required.

Fresh, pure water will make your coffee, tea and reconstituted juices more flavorful.  Water that doesn't leave a film floating on the top of your coffee or sludge at the bottom of your cup.

Water that rinses organic fertilizers, pesticides and contaminants from fresh fruits and vegetables quicker and better.  Water that makes hard, clear ice cubes.  Cubes that melt more slowly than cubes made from ordinary tap water.  Water that makes everything taste better.

Water that even makes your contact lenses more comfortable to wear.  Water that your pets, your hobbies, your house plants, your steam iron and you will love!